The ICA Certification Program

The first Internationally developed and recognized practitioner certification program in the world was developed by an international committee of professionals and academics over a span of more than 4 years. Advanced and Practitioner level certification was introduced in 2004 at the ICA International Conference in Calgary and applicants have been recognizing the value of accreditation ever since. 

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Those receiving certification as ICBCP or ICACP must re-certify every three years. To do so they must also be members in good standing at the time of application. To re-certify the applicant must submit an updated log book to the Certification Committee. The log book must clearly indicate three new proofs of continued competency and evidence of those three accomplishments must also be provided. A Competency Recertification Application must also be submitted.

The three proofs can take many forms. Articles written, presentations/classes given, surveys or assessments conducted, committees participated in, plans reviewed or degrees or certifications attained in related fields. These proofs, or accomplishments, must have all occurred during the current certification/recertification cycle. The date of required recertification is December 31st of the third year AFTER the year of original certification or recertification. If you were certified in 2001 then the recertification would be due no later than December 31st of 2004. This way you get a full three years of certification beyond the year in which you were certified.

To submit your payment for Re-Certification click

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After submitting your payment please ensure your Certification or Re-Certification package is sent to Josh Brown, Certification Chair, 9757 Daniel Ct., Nokesville, Virginia, USA 20181, email to

Certification is open to members and costs $200 (US Funds). Upon successful completion of the requirements you will receive a wall plaque stating your level of certification.

Resources and Information

Below you will find resources and information regarding the program as well as a list of successful applicants. Certification is open to members and non-members. Application information is included in the links below.

Certification Overview Download
ICACP Unit Requirements
ICACP Application Package
ICACP Recertification Forms
ICACP Application Package in Spanish

Some of our Certified Practitioners:

      • Josh Brown ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Sherry Carter ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Stan Carter ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Dr. Paul Cozens ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Kerry Hilts ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Simon Hensworth ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Jonathan Lusher ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Steven Patrick McCully ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Basic
      • Ben Petch ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced
      • Lori Thompson ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Advanced

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies