ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Program for Individuals (ICCP) and Course Accreditation Program (CAP)

The ICA offers 2 distinct programs:

ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Program for Individuals (ICCP)

Anyone with training in CPTED and experience in crime prevention can practice CPTED. However, this will not ensure that a minimum level of competency has been achieved. That is why the ICCP was created.

In order to become an ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner, it is necessary to obtain the skills, knowledge and experience to do work in CPTED. This program requires that minimum competencies be obtained for either Basic or Advanced levels of certification.


CPTED Course Accreditation Program (CAP)

This program is intended for CPTED instructors or course developers who wish to apply to the ICA for accreditation as an “approved ICA CPTED course”. 

To become recognized as an ICA accredited CPTED course, the course curriculum (Class A) or individual units (Class B) will need to satisfy a number of core competencies that will be evaluated by the CAP Review Board.



ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies