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September 2017

ICA CPTED Certification

The Certification program is alive and well. We currently have one paid applicant in process and Greg Saville recently completed a project preparing to revamp a portion of the program, more on that from Greg when it is ready.

We will be in need of new team members to review the proofs of competency provided by applicants. We usually have an increase of applications following the international conference and this year should be no different. The process is pretty simple. The applicant provides a Record Book and documents demonstrating competency in the core areas. The Record Book points to where each competency can be proved in the provided materials. Documents could be presentations the applicant has made (PowerPoint) or articles they have written. Completed CPTED based assessments are usually the best proof of competency but there are many other ways to prove the applicant knows their CPTED. 

Once that is done there is a test of the applicant’s own design and the three team members reviewing the submissions will render a decision. Even if the first attempt is not successful, the team will submit questions and concerns and the applicant has the opportunity to make additional submissions or corrections.

If you are CPTED certified through the ICA, and would like to serve on a Certification Review Team, contact me through the ICA (

Josh Brown

ICA Director & Certification Chair

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies