Directory of CAP Accredited CPTED Courses

Please note: CAP Accredited CPTED Courses (CAP-Class A and CAP-Class B) need to be re-accredited every 5 years to maintain their accreditation status. The list below is updated to reflect this. Any applicants currently in the process of course accreditation or re-accreditation are excluded from this list until they obtain or renew their accreditation status. Applicants currently undergoing accreditation for their CPTED course can be viewed to ICA members in the ICA Member Directory.


Course Name: Edmonton Police Service - CPTED Basic Course & CPTED Advanced Course
Course Developer/Instructor: Paul Looker, Edmonton Police Service
Status: ICA CPTED Accredited Program - Class A 
Renewal Date: 31 December, 2024

Approved competencies:

  • Competency Unit 01 – Define scope of task/project
  • Competency Unit 02 – Work as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Competency Unit 03 – Undertake research in the nominated environment
  • Competency Unit 06 – Apply knowledge of regulatory processes
  • Competency Unit 07 – Analyze and assess underlying conditions
  • Competency Unit 08 – Compile written report
  • Competency Unit 09 – Assess CPTED options
  • Competency Unit 11 – Prepare crime prevention/CPTED implementation plan


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