ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner (ICCP) Program for Individuals

The first Internationally developed and recognized practitioner certification program in the world was developed by an international committee of professionals and academics over a span of more than 4 years. Practitioner and Advanced level certification was first introduced in 2004 at the ICA International Conference in Calgary and our applicants have been recognizing the value of accreditation ever since. Today we offer Basic and Advanced levels of certification for CPTED practitioners. 

Certification Process - The ICCP (Basic/Advanced)

The ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Program - called the ICCP - is a competency-based certification program. It is intended for professional individuals who have experience practicing crime prevention with a focus on CPTED, and would like to have their competencies recognised and certified by the only internationally represented CPTED organisation - the ICA. Please note that this program does not offer CPTED courses - we expect you to already have CPTED training and/or sufficient practical experience from your region before applying for certification with the ICA. 

The ICCP program is described in detail within the attached documents in the links below. Please review all these documents. As well, if you require the help of an assigned mentor to help you through the process, you may request this of the Certification Coordinator Mateja Mihinjac

This ICA certification program is for individuals who wish to personally obtain the ICCP certification standing and credentials. It is distinct from the ICA Course Accreditation Program (CAP), a separate program in which ICA approves a full CPTED Course for certification (Class A), or a course in which an individual Core Competency is approved (Class B). More information available here.

Applicants who had successfully completed a Class A CAP course can bypass the ICCP Record Book requirement. 

Applicants who had successfully completed a Class B CAP course with an approved Core Competency will fill out the Record Book during ICCP certification as normal, except for Core Competencies already completed in the Class B CAP course.   

In brief, the ICCP is divided into three phases:

PHASE 1 - The Application

This phase requires that you fill the application in full, pay the prescribed application fee, and submit to the Certification Chairperson. Please note that all personal information is kept confidential by the ICA Certification Chairperson and the Committee members. 

You should specify in your email or letter with the application whether you are applying for Basic (ICCP-Basic) or Advanced (ICCP-Advanced) Certification. The Basic requires completion of 8 Core Competencies and the Advanced requires completion of all 11 Core Competencies. These can be viewed in the Certification Level Competencies document. You should also review the description of Unit Requirements and Core Subjects.

What you need to do:

PHASE 2 - The Record Book

Once you have formally applied, you then begin to assemble your CPTED Record Book. This is described in the links below. There is also a Sample ICA Record Book below that you may use as a template. 

There are a few points to remember about the Record Book:

  • Keep in mind ICCP certification is based on 11 Core Competencies (Advanced) or 8 Core Competencies (Basic) and 12 Core Subject areas. These are described fully in the Certification Program Overview document.
  • The 11 (or 8) Core Competencies are activities you must demonstrate and they are described in a chart on page 9 of that document.
  • The Core Subject areas are subject topics you must master and they are described on page 10 of that document.
  • The chart on Attachment A on page 9 of the Certification Overview Download describes how they fit together.
  • Your Record Book provides the evidence that you have completed the Core Unit Competencies and the Core Subject Areas

What you need to do:

PHASE 3 - The Exam

The exam takes place when all the required Core Competencies are completed to the satisfaction of the Certification Committee. There is no prescribed time limit for completion of the Record Book. It should be viewed as a collaborative learning process between the Committee or the Mentor and the applicant. 

The exam format is described in the Exam Guidelines document. There are two forms of exam: written and oral. The written exam comprises a written response to questions that is assessed by the Certification Committee and is generally completed online as a "take home" exam. The applicant will submit six (6) questions for the exam from which Certification Committee will select three or four (3 or 4) questions, or modify or add additional questions if necessary to adequately address understanding of demonstrated core competencies.

The oral exam is also assessed by Certification Committee members, however it will take place at a regional conference, the ICA bi-annual conference, or other gatherings in which Committee members are assembled. The oral exam will comprise two parts: a) first, the Certification Committee will attend the candidates' conference presentation and assemble questions that might emerge; b) second, shortly following their presentation, each candidate will sit for a 30 minute oral exam in a private place. Each Certification Committee member will ask a few questions and follow-up questions. Following the oral exam the Committee will issue the grade (pass/fail) and notify the candidate of the outcome.

Exam questions for both written and oral exam modality will include topics related to the core competencies. They may draw from the Record Book or conference presentation and also from theoretical understanding of the CPTED field. In preparation for your ICCP certification and exam, these ICCP Preparatory Exam Questions include some important topics you should know and themes you should be able to describe with confidence. 

What you need to do:


Certification is only open to ICA members in good standing and costs CA$250 (Canadian Dollars) payable using our electronic payment system below. Check payments in CA$ or US$ are also possible - contact us for more information.

Upon successful completion of the requirements you will receive a certificate stating your level of certification and date of certification. Note that you will need to re-certify every three years to retain your ICCP certification status. Re-certification is a shorter and stream-lined process - for more information, see below.

    What you need to do:

    • Complete and submit ICCP Application Form using the link or email specified below
    • Complete payment

    Application Package:

    ICCP Application Form
    ICCP Application Form (Spanish)

    Submit your payment of CA$250 for Certification here:

    After submitting your payment please ensure your Certification Application Form is emailed to mateja.mihinjac@gmail.com OR uploaded here.

    Re-Certification Process

    Those receiving certification as ICCP-Basic or ICCP-Advanced must re-certify every three years. The purpose is to ensure that our certified ICCP professionals are still actively practicing CPTED and keeping current with developments in the field.

    To do so they must also be ICA members in good standing at the time of application. To re-certify the applicant must submit three new proofs of continued CPTED competency to Certification Committee. A Competency Re-certification Application must also be submitted.

    The three proofs can take many forms. Articles written, presentations/classes given, surveys or assessments conducted, committees participated in, plans reviewed or degrees or certifications attained in related fields. These proofs, or accomplishments, must have all occurred during the current certification/re-certification cycle (i.e. can't be the same as submitted for the prior certification period).

    The due date of required re-certification is December 31st of the third year AFTER the year of original certification or re-certification. For example, if you were certified in 2018 then the re-certification would be due no later than December 31st of 2021. This way you get a full three years of certification beyond the year in which you were certified.

    What you need to do:

    • Complete the ICCP Re-certification Application Form and submit it using the link or email specified below
    • Provide 3 new proofs of continued CPTED competency and submit them using the link or email specified below
    • Complete payment


    You need to be an ICA member in good standing to apply for re-certification. Re-certification costs CA$75 (Canadian Dollars) and can be paid using our electronic system below. If you wish to pay by cheque, please contact us.

    Submit your payment of CA$75 for Re-Certification here:

    After submitting your payment please ensure your Re-Certification Application Form is sent to mateja.mihinjac@gmail.com OR uploaded here.

    Submitting your Documentation (Record Book and Supporting Materials)

    You can email the required materials to mateja.mihinjac@gmail.com OR upload them here for Certification or here for Re-certification.

    Please note that you need to be(come) an ICA member to apply for ICCP and remain a member in good standing to prevent your certification status from expiring before the passage of 3 years. You also need to be a member in good standing to be able to re-certify.

    Resources and Information

    Below you will find resources and information regarding the program as well as a list of successful applicants. Certification is open to members and non-members. Application information is included in the links below:

    CPTED Certification Brochure (English)

    CPTED Certification Brochure (Spanish)

    Click here for Directory of ICCP Certified Professionals.

    If you are CPTED certified through the ICA, and would like to serve on a Certification Review Team, contact us through the ICA or the Certification Chairperson.

    ICA Mission Statement

    To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies