ICA Chapter Application & Strategic Plan Requirements

ICA Chapter Application + Strategic Plan Requirements -

Critical Questions for Prospective ICA Chapters

This document specifies the process and critical questions that need to be addressed by prospective ICA Chapter applicants (both MOU and Affiliate) when applying to become an official ICA Chapter (or to renew this status after 3 years).

The Application + Strategic Plan that addresses the questions and information outlined below serves as an official application to become an ICA Chapter. Following our meeting with you we will request that you send to us a preliminary Strategic Plan before inviting you to officially apply to become an ICA Chapter.

Critical Questions for the Application + Strategic Plan:

      Specify whether you’re applying for an MOU or Affiliate chapter (the ICA reserves the right to the final decision based on the provided information).

      Specify the name of your association or organization applying to become an ICA Chapter, and specify place and country of registration or location (headquarters).

      Add details of at least two contact persons (leaders) from your prospective ICA Chapter who can be reachable by the ICA (email and mobile number).

      Specify the geographical area, country, or other geographical entity that your ICA Chapter will represent. 

      Briefly outline the current crime context and the current state of CPTED in the above specified geographical area, country or other geographical entity that your ICA Chapter will represent.

      Briefly identify the governance/organizational structure of your prospective ICA Chapter (leadership, executive positions, other positions...). Are all executive members of the prospective MOU Chapter also members of the ICA or are at least 3 leading members of the prospective Affiliate Chapter also members of the ICA? Please include their names.

      Describe membership requirements and membership structure of your prospective ICA Chapter. If applying as Affiliate chapter, describe how you're maintaining your contact database and how you communicate with your group.

      Attach any supporting documentation (bylaws, regulations, registration documents, etc.).

      Briefly identify the connection (e.g. common goals) between your prospective ICA Chapter and the ICA, and the benefits your organization will bring to the ICA as its official Chapter.

      Specify how you expect the ICA will support you.

      Outline intended actions for your prospective ICA Chapter for the next 3 years that will assist with the promotion and advancement of CPTED and the ICA in your defined chapter area (some short-term and some long- term actions). Also include a short description of opportunities and obstacles for achieving your intended actions. Provide some kind of timeline for this action plan (e.g. Gantt chart).

Please also include information about the author(s) of the Strategic Plan, date and place of document.

The Application + Strategic Plan will have to be written in English (official documents and other attachments provided for the official application may be uploaded in their original language).

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies