ICA White Papers

White papers written by the International CPTED Association Board and Founding Members.

ICA Course Accreditation Program -

A Proposal to the ICA Board

August 7, 2017

Gregory Saville, MES, MCIP, Co-founder, ICA,

on behalf of the Committee for the development of an ICA Course Accreditation Program

Homelessness and CPTED

April 8, 2016

Gregory Saville, MES, MCIP, Co-founder, ICA

Randall I. Atlas Ph.D., FAIA, CPP, ICA Board Member

Agenda for Change - An ICA Discussion Paper

December 8, 2007

Gregory Saville, MES, MCIP, Founding Chair and Founding Member, ICA

ICA - Discussion Paper of Possible Futures 

August 1, 2003

Dr. Diane Zahm, ICA Chair (USA)

Stan Carter, ICA Board Member (USA)

Rick Draper, ICA Board Member (Australia)

Dr. Tim Pasco, ICA Board Member (UK)

Macarene Rau, ICA Board Member (Chile)

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ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies