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The Safer Sweden Foundation (SSF) (Sweden) 

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The Safer Sweden Foundation (SFF) is an independent NGO and non-profit organization in Sweden whose purpose is to improve crime victim support and to promote the developments in crime prevention, including CPTED. SSF is the first ICA chapter within the European ICA Region under the ICA Umbrella Initiative. The parties signed an MOU on 8 February 2021.

SSF in brief:

✅ Founded in 2008 in Sweden, the SSF is Sweden's leading non-profit organization focusing on crime victim support and crime prevention.

✅ The work of SSF is intersectoral together with the state, municipalities, businesses, non-profit organizations, the civil society, and other actors. 

✅ Activities are evidence-based with a holistic perspective that integrates situational crime prevention strategies and methods with the aim of addressing crime and safety, and perception of safety issues. 

Leadership team:

  • Annette Carnhede, President
  • Magnus Lindgren, Secretary General
  • Peter Strandell, Operations Manager South
  • Marika Haug, Analyst & Criminologist
  • Cornelis Uittenbogaard, Researcher & Urban Planner

Stichting Veilig Ontwerp en Beheer (SVOB) (Netherlands) 

SVOB is an independent association from the Netherlands founded June 15, 2001. SVOB focuses on preventing crime as well as fear of crime/feelings of insecurity by explicitly taking safety and security into account in the design, planning and management of the built environment. SVOB is the administrator of the European Designing Out Crime Association (E-DOCA) and was from its earliest start affiliated with the International CPTED Association (ICA). SVOB signed an MOU with the ICA on 16 April 2021.

SVOB in brief:

✅ Focuses on the entire ‘chain’: design, layout, management and maintenance of buildings, homes, estates, neighbourhoods and public space with a bottom-up approach working in partnership with stakeholders like local governments, local businesses, residents and users on a human-centred approach.

✅ Follows and propagates a situational approach with interaction between social, physical and institutional environment (as opposed to limiting to victim-oriented or offender-oriented approach alone).

✅ Follows and propagates a sophisticated working process (including all stakeholders) of analyses, goalsetting, planning, implementation, and evaluation in compliance with international standards like CEN/TR 14392-2:2007 and ISO 22341:2021.

Leadership team:

  • Paul van Soomeren; Chair (DSP-groep)
  • Randy Bloeme; Secretary (INBO)
  • Manuel Lopez; Education, Research, International Relations (Inholland University)
  • Rob van Dijk; National Relations (Cocoon)
  • Wilbert Rodenhuis; Education, RCE Review Committee (Saxion University)  

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ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies