ICA Umbrella Initiative

The ICA Umbrella Initiative was adopted by the ICA Board on 17 April 2020 to promote knowledge and application of CPTED through stronger collaboration between the ICA, ICA Regions and ICA Chapters within those regions.

This site lists the process of applying to become an ICA Chapter.

Contact us for more information: office@cpted.net.

The purpose of the ICA Umbrella Initiative is to promote CPTED as a viable crime prevention approach, to promote the knowledge of CPTED, and advance CPTED theory and practice through collaboration between 3 ICA organizational levels: Global (the ICA), Regional (ICA Regions), and ICA Chapters (associations, organizations representing nations, states, territories, various organizations...). We believe that a linked network of these three levels will foster exchange of knowledge, promote innovation, build CPTED community and overall, strengthen the field of CPTED. We consider diversity between the regions and nations a strength that will allow us to learn from each other and advance CPTED to improve safety, liveability and the quality of life for local communities. 

The diagram below provides a schematic demonstration of these interlinked level and bi-directional communication channels:

For more information and the role of each level please see our ICA Organizational Structure document.

We invite associations, organizations and other entities with an interest in CPTED to apply to join us as an ICA Chapter and formalize this relationship. Please review the process below and contact us for more information if needed.

Process for associations, organizations and other eligible entities wishing to apply for ICA Chapter status

Step 1: Review ICA Organizational Structure & Accompanying Documents

Please review the ICA Organizational Structure and accompanying documents (Application + Strategic Plan Requirements, MOU (ESP) / Agreement (ESP)) to ensure an understanding of expectations and obligations of ICA Chapters and consider what type of ICA Chapter would be best suited for your organization (i.e. MOU or Affiliate Chapter). 

If you are unsure what type of chapter is most appropriate for your organization, also review: What type of ICA Chapter should we apply for?

Step 2: Pre-application

  • Email us to schedule an online meeting with us to discuss mutual expectations any any outstanding questions.
  • Following the initial meeting present to us a basic 3-year Strategic Plan for your prospective chapter to provide us with some insight into your intended direction.
  • Every 6 months provide updates of achieved intentions outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Attend the ICA Conference to meet the ICA leadership team.
  • Receive an invitation from us to apply as an ICA Chapter.

Step 3: Application - Complete & Submit the Application/Strategic Plan form

Once you have received an invitation to apply as an ICA Chapter, you will need to submit an Application/Strategic Plan. The documentation should be submitted via THIS FORM (for both MOU Chapter or Affiliate Chapter). The responses in the form must be written in English (official documents and other attachments may be uploaded in the original language).

Before submitting the form, you can review the checklist that serves as direction for submission of the form: Application + Strategic Plan Requirements

Step 4: Receive an MOU/Agreement for signing

Once the application to become an ICA Chapter on the basis of the submitted Strategic Plan and accompanying documentation has been reviewed and approved by the ICA, the applicant organization will be invited to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Agreement (depending on type of Chapter – MOU or Affiliate). When both parties sign the MOU or Agreement, the applicant becomes an official ICA Chapter.

    ICA Mission Statement

    To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies