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Dr. Macarena Rau - Director / President


Macarena Rau Vargas has a background in architecture and a Master's Degree in Research and Philosophy of Architecture in Chile. She has recently completed her PhD in architecture and urbanism studies. She has a wide experience leading urban and public safety projects and initiatives in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

In 2008 Macarena founded PBK Consulting; a company that assists governments, companies and NGO’s applying CPTED strategies in countries like Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Brazil among other. In this role she has particularly promoted the 2nd Generation CPTED.

Macarena has been the President of the International CPTED Association since 2017.

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Tinus Kruger - Director / Vice President

South Africa

Tinus is the Research Group Leader of the Sustainable Human Settlements Group at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa. He is a registered architect specialising in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). He focuses in particular on crime prevention within the context of developing countries, and has been involved in various studies regarding the relationship between crime and the planning, design and management of the physical environment since 1998. He has participated in a range of projects, including community-based crime analysis initiatives, training workshops and developing CPTED and general crime prevention guidelines and strategies at national, provincial, municipal and community level. He is a member of the Springer Crime Science open access journal Editorial Board.

Tinus has been the Vice President of the International CPTED Association since 2017.

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Barry Davidson - Director / Treasurer


Barry Davidson is one of the founders and former (and first) Executive Director of the ICA and has worked on crime prevention and CPTED initiatives since 1995. 

Barry is the Chairperson of Safe and Caring Schools and Communities as well as the Director of Strategic Operations with the Canadian Crime Prevention Centre. He has been working in the areas of housing and homelessness for the past many years and sits on provincial and local task forces, boards and committees.

Barry continues his professional work in the area of safety consulting, engagement and project risk mitigation for governments, communities and corporate clients.

Barry was appointed as Treasurer of the International CPTED Association in 2019.

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Elisabeth Miller - Director / Secretary


Elisabeth Miller, MCIP, is a municipal urban planner with a specialty in urban safety and SafeGrowth®.  Currently she is the Neighborhood Safety Coordinator responsible for implementing SafeGrowth® training and working with communities to identify issues, carry out risk assessments and safety audits, public engagement, and the implementation of safety recommendations. She also chairs the City of Saskatoon's CPTED Review Committee which is a partnership of various civic departments. 

Elisabeth is also responsible for organizing and co-teaching SafeGrowth® & CPTED courses to ensure that civic staff is appropriately trained. Over 200 people have been trained since 2000. 

Elisabeth joined the ICA Board of Directors in 2008 and was appointed as a Secretary in 2019.

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International Directors

Dr. Randy Atlas - Regional Director (USA)

United States

Dr. Atlas is a nationally recognized trainer and author on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for the National Crime Prevention Institute (NCPI), which is part of the University of Louisville. He has conducted over 200 workshops and seminars on CPTED and Critical Infrastructure Protection around the world and has uniquely combined the fields of architecture, security, and criminology. 

Dr. Atlas serves as an adjunct professor in architecture and criminal justice at Florida Atlantic University College of Architecture and teaches one of the few CPTED classes in the world to architecture, urban planning, and criminal justice students. Atlas is a master CPTED instructor trainer with NCPI, AIA, and ASIS International. He is a practitioner and designs functionally integrated security design systems using the CPTED methodology in all building/ facility types including transportation.

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Dr. Randy Atlas, AIA, CPP - Regional Director (USA)

Rene Berndt - Director

United States

Rene Berndt, AIA LEED AP, Associate Principal at Mahlum Architects, has 25 years of architectural experience and extensive knowledge of learning environments tailored to the specific social-emotional needs of each age group. Rene is an active member of the “Association for Learning Environments (A4LE) SW Washington / Oregon – USA Chapter and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Portland Chapter.  He served in the past on the board of Directors of the AIA Monterey Bay Chapter and the A4LE SW Washington / Oregon Chapter. 

Rene is very interested in the specific needs of the learner at each developmental stage and how these needs differ between early childcare, elementary, middle or high school students.  In the last decade he has become concerned that strategies with the goal of providing safety in schools have instead increased anxiety, fear and conditions that could foster bullying, vandalism and social isolation.  To counter this trend, Rene is promoting the CPTED Defensible Space tenets and aims to provide learning environments that foster positive social relationships.

Rene enjoys sharing his work and research at conferences and workshops, both locally and internationally. His work has been featured in numerous design publications, including Architectural Record, and has been recognized with diverse regional, national and international design awards. 

Rene was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2019.

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Mercedes Escudero - Regional Director (Latin America)


In 2017 and 2018 Mercedes was recognized as one of Mexico’s 300 Most Influential Leaders. Mercedes holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the FCPyS of the UNAM and a Master's Degree in Communication from the Universidad Iberoamericana where she specialized in political and institutional communication. She currently serves as a President of CPTED Mexico, an ICA-affiliated organization. In 2018 Mercedes was also appointed an ICA Regional Director for Latin America and is a member of the Communication Committee at México Libre de Corrupción AC.

Mercedes’ previous positions include: Coordinator of Advisors to the Deputy Secretary of the Surveillance Committee of the Superior Audit Office at the Federation and the Radio and Television Commission; working on citizen participation in the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System; serving as a Secretary of the First Vice Province in the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH); and diverse positions at the Center of Investigation and National Security (CISEN) where she coordinated matters relating to national security.

Mercedes also shares her wealth of experience teaching. She has worked at the Universidad Iberoamericana since 2001 where she’s been teaching students in program of Communication, Marketing and Administration. She has also taught at the Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) South Campus and at the Universidad del Tepeyac where she teaches Masters students in Advertising and Image. Mercedes has also presented at international conventions such as the International Security Fair (FISEG) in Santiago, Chile, in 2015; at the International Conference "Prevention and Safe Public Spaces" in Honduras in 2017; and at the 1st Encounter of Wills and Tables of Citizen Security and Social Cohesion co-organized by the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat for the Prevention of Crime with Citizen Participation of the Ministry of the Interior in 2017.

Mercedes was appointed as Regional Director for Latin America in 2018.

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Laurie Gabites - Regional Director (Australasia/South Pacific)

New Zealand

Laurie is a Regional Director (Australia/South Pacific) for ICA. He started his working life in Nelson after attending Nelson College but left to join the NZ Police as a sworn Police Officer. He completed 35 years’ service with the last few years working at Police National Headquarters managing projects associated with alcohol harm reduction, family violence and crime prevention. From 2001 - 2010 he worked for Wellington City Council as the Manager City Safety. The role involved managing all the community safety initiatives in the city including reducing alcohol related harm, managing CCTV in the city and improving safety outcomes. 

Since returning to the Nelson/Tasman area to live Laurie has undertaken work with a number of councils reviewing their community safety programmes. With the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 Laurie was a Facilitator for Local Government New Zealand – Know How Programme and in 2013 was part of a small team that developed and delivered training for District Licensing Committee members throughout the country. He is now a list member of both the Tasman District and Hutt City Licensing Committees. He is a Trustee and Board member of the Safe Communities Foundation of NZ and a Board Member of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network. Laurie is also a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) practitioner and a President of the Nelson Tasman Justice of the Peace Association. He lives in Richmond with his wife Jennifer and their son Theo.

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John Goldsworthy - Director


John designs and facilitates Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Workshops and presentations for government, urban design, planning and allied professionals in the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of the International Security Management and Crime Prevention Institute (ISMCPI) after a career of over 40 years in the Queensland Police Service (QPS), Australia. 

His policing career included first response policing, criminal investigation, close personal protection, intelligence, counter-terrorism, internal investigation, crime prevention, major event planning, aviation and maritime operations, policy development and project management.

John served in the QPS Crime Prevention Unit for over 10 years and as the Team Leader, Personal Safety & Property Security was one of the pioneers of the concept in Australia, introducing CPTED to government, community and industry bodies. He was the QPS CPTED subject matter expert for major infrastructure projects and a regular media spokesperson on crime prevention issues.

He received a QPS Award for Excellence in Crime Prevention for introducing Tourist Oriented Policing to the State in partnership with Tourism Queensland.

His service to the community received the following recognition:

  • Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal
  • National Emergency Medal (Clasp Queensland 2010-11) for service with the Queensland Police Air Wing 
  • National Police Service Medal 
  • National Medal (2nd clasp)
  • Queensland Police Service Medal (40 year service clasp) 
  • Queensland Flood and Cyclone, QPS 150 and G20 Citations

John was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2019.

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Bo Grönlund - Director


Bo Grönlund is Associate Prof. Emeritus at KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen, where he has been teaching since 1971. He has been working with Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning (CP-UDP) since 1985 and is a co-author of the Danish Standards in the field, the Swedish Police Safe Housing Guidelines and the CEN Crime Prevention Standard on Urban Planning.

Through his almost 50 year career, Bo’s professional range is wider though. It includes urban design and new urbanism, urban and regional planning and strategic planning both through teaching, research and consultancy and it also include cross disciplinary perspectives. For many years his research focused on the concept and qualities of Urbanity and he worked together with Jan Gehl for more than 15 years in the 1980s and 1990s. In the later years Bo has taken part in several competitions and consultancy tasks on problem housing areas in Denmark together with the young Danish architectural firm Effekt as well as in a major research and development project within the Danish Crime Prevention Council on CP-UDP in five Danish municipalities.

Bo is also involved into the Danish architectural politics, both nationally and in his home town Elsinore.

  • Member of the Danish Crime Prevention Council for the Danish Association of Architects
  • Member of the Safe Danish Municipalities’ advisory board
  • Member of the Swedish Safety Academy
  • Member of ICA, The International CPTED Association

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Carlos Alfredo Gutiérrez Vera - Director

Chile, Honduras

Carlos is an architect, psychotherapist, specialist in complementary medicine and Bioneuroemoción specialist. He obtained his degree in architecture from University of Chile.

He has participated in the promotion of the CPTED methodology in Latin America since its inception in the region. He is also a co-author of the first CPTED manual in Latin America.

Over the past years Carlos has lived and worked in South, Central and North America where he familiarized himself very closely with local cultural aspects and social challenges especially those relating to violence and its prevention. In Central America, especially in Honduras, he has effectively promoted and implemented application of bioclimatic design strategies applicable to school infrastructure. Under this work he also developed guidelines for application of CPTED methodology in the planning of school spaces. His professional knowledge and interest in various self-development topics has allowed him to integrate psychosocial approaches to CPTED methodology.

He has extensive experience in community development, promoting citizen engagement and integration, and strengthening community and institutional participation. He is currently a Senior Technical Advisor (Consortium of three German companies) for the CONVIVIR Program in Honduras executed by the government of this country with funds from Bank KfW of Germany.

Carlos was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2017.

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Dr. Tarah Hodgkinson - Director


Tarah Hodgkinson is a certified SafeGrowth® practitioner and a PhD graduate in criminology at Simon Fraser University and currently works as a Lecturer at Griffith University, Australia. She holds undergraduate and master's degree in sociology from Queen's University, Kingston. 

Her areas of research include crime prevention, policing, collective violence, methodology and statistics, auto-theft, gangs, crime-mapping, and victimology. Her doctoral research focused on the need for community leadership in partnerships with the police. She has co-taught SafeGrowth® in the US in Newark and Paterson, New Jersey, Chicago and New York, and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. She is a Director at the International CPTED Association and a member of the World Society of Victimology and the American Society of Criminology. 

Tarah was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2017.

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Dr. Manjari Khanna Kapoor - Director


Manjari is a practising architect with a long list of successfully completed projects to her credit. She is a pioneer for the cause of ‘security through architectural design’, propagating the concepts of CPTED and counter terrorism through main stream architectural design not restricted to her country or region. This is the subject of her doctorate and an ever growing list of papers and blogs that she has authored.

She is lecturing in many of the premium architectural schools of Delhi and participating in many of the national conferences to advocate the universal concepts of CPTED. Her passion has inspired many budding architects to undertake research in this brand new aspect of design in the national capital of India.

Together with her team of likeminded youngsters, she is heading an Indian chapter of the International CPTED Association. This ‘Association for Building Security- India’ is a not-for-profit society with many disparate projects underway. While they delve majorly into research and contextualisation of the CPTED concepts, they are also into public advocacy (with workshops and lectures), projects for the betterment of schools, market places, neighbourhoods and communities.

Manjari was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2019.

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Fleur Knight - Director

New Zealand

Fleur Knight is an experienced teacher from New Zealand who has taught at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. She is passionate about teaching CPTED and SafeGrowth® to students and has worked with the New Zealand Police to create a programme called Safer Schools which was released Nationwide to New Zealand Schools in 2017. The Safer Schools programme integrates the New Zealand Curriculum into the CPTED Principles and teaches students how to apply the CPTED Principles using a SafeGrowth® approach to improve communities. Fleur has applied Safer Schools in a wide range of contexts and has worked with students on initiatives to address very real issues such as:

  • Safety audits in Schools

  • Vandalism at bus stations

  • Negative impact of toilets in a local street

  • Vandalism at pre-schools

  • Damage to primary/intermediate schools over weekends

  • Designing/creating/funding bike track for youth

  • Need for stronger ownership of school buildings/grounds by students/local communities.

In her work Fleur addresses the need for students to engage in authentic contexts with members of the community including Councils and Government Agencies to make significant impacts on community safety. She works alongside the Education Team to continue to drive integration of CPTED and SafeGrowth® into Educational curriculums to develop responsible citizens for future communities.

Fleur was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2017.

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Dr. Tim Pascoe - Regional Director (DOCA)

United Kingdom

Dr Tim Pascoe has been a Community Safety Researcher for over 25 years carrying out qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation. He has a particular interest in Designing and Managing Out Crime. His work has resulted in a publication record that has added to the understanding of community safety problems and solutions. 

  • Director of Catalyst In Communities
  • Director of Community Coaching Academy 
  • Director of Griffin Research and Consultancy 
  • Director of the ICA
  • Chairman of the UK Design Out Crime Association
  • Fellow of the RSA 
  • Advisor to an all-Party Parliamentary Child and Youth Crime Group
  • Trustee for 2 charities Through Unity and Luton Rape Crisis Centre

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Paul van Soomeren - Regional Director (EDOCA)

The Netherlands

Paul (1952) studied Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam and Urban and Regional Planning at the same University. He worked at the Ministries of Justice and Interior (National Crime Prevention Institute) and in 1984 founded a private consultancy and research bureau under the name DSP-groep that he continues to lead today.

Paul was the Chair of a CEN working group that made an official European Standard on CPTED (CEN standard 14382-2) and he initiated the Dutch and European ICA Chapter (see the website of the European Designing Out Crime Association). Paul was also in the management committee of the EU COST action on Crime Prevention through Urban Design, Planning and Management.

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Herb Sutton - Director


Herb Sutton currently works half time with the City of North Battleford as the Community Safety Coordinator, and half time for the RCMP as Community Program Coordinator. Herb completed a 33-year career in education in 2014, and has been working on community safety ever since. 

CPTED research and practice provide a foundation for his current work.

Herb was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2017.

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Executive Director

Executive Director

Mateja Mihinjac


Mateja Mihinjac is a criminologist and researcher from Slovenia currently completing doctoral research at Griffith University, Australia. Her thesis looks into the implementation of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). Mateja is certified in SafeGrowth®  program and has co-taught SafeGrowth® workshops in Australia, New Zealand and across the United States. She has also been providing research and consulting services in criminology with a focus on crime prevention and especially CPTED.

​Mateja has studied criminal justice issues in Europe and Australia since 2009. She worked in the Constitutional Court in Slovenia and has extensive computer and analytical skills including database management and geographic information systems.

Mateja was elected as Director on the International CPTED Association Board of Directors in 2017. In the same year she was appointed as Secretary. In 2019 she was appointed as Executive Director and as ICA Certification Program - ICCP Coordinator.

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Immediate Past President

Tony Lake


Tony Lake is General Manager of the International Security Management & Crime Prevention Institute (ISMCPI), and a former President of the International Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Association (ICA). He is an Immediate Past president of the ICA board on which he served for almost 20 years. 

Tony retired as an Inspector with the Queensland Police Service in 2007 after a career lasting 36 years.  At the time of retirement he was attached to the Office of the Commissioner where he was the project manager for the development and implementation of CPTED Guidelines for Queensland and provided professional input into the National CPTED Guidelines for New Zealand. 

Tony was employed as a crime prevention and security advisor for Amtac Professional Services, based in Brisbane Queensland, for 11 years after retiring from policing and now provides CPTED training with the ISMCPI in Australia and New Zealand. 

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ICA Founders (1996)

  • Gregory Saville
  • Barry Davidson
  • Paul Wong

Past International Chairs (Presidents)

  • Gregory Saville, 1997-2000 (Inaugural Chair)
  • Sherry Carter, 2000-2002
  • Jonathon Lusher, 2002-2005
  • Diane Zahm, 2005-2010
  • Tony Lake, 2010-2017

    ICA Lifetime Achievement Award

    • Patricia Brantingham (Calgary, Canada, 1996)
    • C. Ray Jeffery (Mississuauga, Canada, 1999)
    • Ronald V. Clarke (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2003)
    • Wendy Sarkissian (Brisbane, Australia, 2001)
    • Gregory Saville (Calgary, Canada, 2002)  
    • Ray van Dusen (Calgary, Canada, 2010)
    • Barry Davidson (Calgary, Canada, 2017)

    Have a look at our Board member composition through ICA's history here.

    ICA Mission Statement

    To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies