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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is defined as a multi-disciplinary approach for reducing crime through urban and environmental design and the management and use of built environments. CPTED strategies aim to reduce victimization, deter offender decisions that precede criminal acts, and build a sense of community among inhabitants so they can gain territorial control of areas and reduce opportunities for crime and fear of crime. CPTED is pronounced ‘sep-ted’ and it is known around the world as Designing Out Crime, defensible space, and other similar terms. 

Promoting CPTED Globally & Locally

The ICA promotes the use of CPTED globally and supports local organizations, practitioners and communities that utilise CPTED principles to create safer communities and environments. 

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Our NEW ICA Perspective Newsletter from August to December 2019 has now been published! Our members can access all our newsletters HERE.

Increase in membership fees for 2020

Dear members, in order to support our growth and development of new products and services, with January 1, 2020 we have increased our membership fees. This is the first increase in over 5 years.

The new fee structure for 2020 is as follows:

  • Regular member - $80.00 (CAD)
  • Student member - $30.00 (CAD)
  • Organization/Affiliate member - $285.00 (CAD)

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support!

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Our Latest ICA White Paper - 

ICA Course Accreditation Program

The ICA Course Accreditation Program (CAP) is a product of extensive research and hard work of the ICA Accreditation Committee that started in 2015. The CAP builds upon our long-standing ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner Program for Individuals (ICCP). This paper presents early work of the Accreditation Committee led by Gregory Saville, our new program that was launched in 2019. You can learn more about the CAP here.

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CPTED Manual For Police Implemented by 11 EU Organizations

A project co-funded by the European Union Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union has developed and implemented this manual for police throughout Europe and internationally. You can download the manual in English version here.

Latest News

🎄 End of year update ðŸŽ„

This year has been an exciting one for the ICA. First, we celebrated the resounding success of the 2019 International ICA Conference in Cancun, Mexico. This was the most successful event in the history of the ICA with over 600 delegates from 20 countries joining us to share success stories, exchange knowledge, and form friendships. Many thanks to the CPTED Mexico ICA Chapter and especially the President of CPTED Mexico, Mercedes Escudero Carmona, for all the hard work she and her team put into making this event a success!

This year we also continued to develop our 5-year strategic plan and an accompanying business plan that will introduce several exciting products and initiatives in the coming months. We have also launched a new ICA CPTED Course Accreditation Program (CAP) for CPTED course developers.

Our Board of Directors has also undergone some notable changes in 2019. First, we welcomed new Directors elected at the AGM in Cancun: René Berndt, John Goldsworthy, Dr Manjari Khanna Kapoor, and Nataly Arévalo Garcia. Several of our existing board members have remained on the board: Dr Macarena Rau, Tinus Kruger, Barry Davidson, Elisabeth Miller, Mateja Mihinjac, Bo Grönlund, Carlos Gutiérrez Vera, Dr Tarah Hodgkinson, Fleur Knight, Herb Sutton, Dr Tim Pascoe, Paul van Soomeren, Laurie Gabites, Dr Randy Atlas, and Mercedes Escudero. Finally, we said farewell to our outgoing directors: Tony Lake, Sue Ramsay, Ray Van Dusen, Josh Brown, and Nataly Arévalo Garcia. We are immensely grateful to everyone’s contributions to the ICA!

On behalf of the International CPTED Association we are pleased to end 2019 on a high note and share with you our achievements. The ICA team will continue to work hard in 2020 to launch and deliver the products and services that you, our valuable members, have requested. We are grateful for your ongoing support of the ICA!


ICA Executive Committee

Macarena Rau

Tinus Kruger

Elisabeth Miller

Mateja Mihinjac

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies