ICA Webinars

This page contains all the ICA webinars held to date. The webinars are free for members; non-members can access paid webinars via our online store.

CPTED Guidebook for Schools

18 August 2022

CPTED for Women

27 May 2022

Extremism and CPTED - From the 3Ds to 3Cs

17 March 2022

Multiculturalism, Inclusivity... CPTED

25 February 2022

25 Years of the ICA: Past, Present and Future

23 July 2021

Community Engagement through CPTED in Times of Uncertainty

(organised by CPTED United States ICA Region)

3 June 2021


NGOs and CPTED - Challenges and Possibilities

(organised by ICA Europe Region)

24 May 2021


CPTED ISO Standard

26 March 2021


CPTED: Integrating Public Safety & Security in the Design of Smart Cities

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

30 January 2021


Street Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

21 November 2020


Exclusion versus Inclusion - In CPTED Everyone has a Role

(Special ICA webinar)

14 November 2020

CPTED on the Streets

23 October 2020

CPTED - Salud Mental y Prevencion de Violencia* | CPTED - Mental Health and Violence Prevention

(organised by ICA Latin America Region)

28 September 2020

* For non-Spanish speakers: This webinar was presented in Spanish only. Please use YouTube captions with automated translations if needed.

CPTED - Best Practices & Ground Realities

(organised by ICA Asia Region)

21 August 2020

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19: Reactions and Recovery, Part 2 (Canada, USA, Latin America)

19 June 2020

CPTED in the Times of COVID-19: Reactions and Recovery, Part 1 (Asia, Australasia/South Pacific, Europe & UK)

12 June 2020

Violence-free Schools in 21st Century - Using a Comprehensive CPTED Approach

29 May 2020

CPTED & Social Unrest | 

CPTED y Disturbios Sociales

8 February 2020

ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies