The ICA is the first organization to offer formal CPTED certification. For over 15 years the ICA has offered individual professional certification for CPTED practitioners. We created the ICCP after a year of research, planning discussions, and input from experienced CPTED practitioners around the world. That included over 20 leading experts including:

  • Josh Brown - CPTED expert and former President of the Virginia Crime Prevention Association (USA);
  • Macarena Rau, PhD - Architect, ICA President, Founder of Latin American ICA chapters (Chile);
  • Timothy Crowe - CPTED practitioner and former director of the U.S. National Crime Prevention Institute (USA);
  • Randall Atlas, PhD - Architect/Criminologist (USA);
  • Gregory Saville - ICA co-founder, urban planner/criminologist (Canada/USA);
  • Barry Davidson - ICA co-founder and CPTED expert (Canada);
  • Tim Pascoe, PhD - CPTED consultant, Director of the UK Design Out Crime Association (UK);
  • Paul van Soomeren, PhD - CPTED consultant and Director of European Design Out Crime Association (Netherlands).

Since 2019, the ICA has also offered CPTED course accreditation (CAP). The ICA developed this course accreditation in response to the need to provide some quality control over CPTED training. The CAP program took a year to develop with an international team of CPTED authorities during research meetings, planning discussions, and input from experienced CPTED practitioners.

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ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies