ICCP – Individual professional certification is called ICCP (ICA Certified CPTED Practitioner). We provide it at both Basic and Advanced levels. You must individually apply for consideration and satisfy the requirements to receive ICA certification. An ICCP review board vets your application and you will work with a mentor to complete the process.

CAP – Course accreditation in CPTED is called CAP (the Course Accreditation Program). To obtain this, CPTED course developers and instructors apply to have their CPTED courses approved as ICA accredited. If you are a course developer or instructor, you must apply and submit course materials, evaluations, curricula for review by a review board. You may apply for full course accreditation (Class A) or partial accreditation of specific competencies (Class B).

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ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies