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  • 03 Jun 2021
  • 13:00 - 14:15 (MDT)
  • Online (Live stream)


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Disclaimer: “The views expressed in this webinar belong to our guest speakers and do not necessarily reflect the position of the ICA.”


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Regional ICA webinar organized by CPTED United States (ICA Region)

3 June 2021

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The International CPTED Association proudly announces the upcoming webinar by the ICA's USA Region - CPTED United States.

This webinar topic will be focusing on CPTED as a participatory method of community engagement, an especially important topic in the USA given the political disarray. This webinar will delve into the mechanics and specific details of participatory community engagement in the USA.

The four panelists will speak on the following topics:

Dr Randy Atlas will speak about the operationalization of CPTED through community planning review process in Pompano Beach, Florida. He will present this on a case study of engagement of CPTED by a city government to equally apply CPTED to all new project developments, with inclusion of CPTED features in the architectural drawings, and participation and input by the community, law enforcement, planning department, code enforcement, and public works, and community redevelopment agency.

Jeremy Rear will present a case study of Arlington Elementary School: Engagement through Storytelling. Listening to stories and having intimate interactions with neighbors is critical to learning about a community - The account of Tacoma Public Schools Arlington Elementary School demonstrates how a community reclaimed their school from crime and fear through engaging in storytelling.

Gregory Saville will describe ongoing crime prevention and community development work in the high crime neighborhood of HACE/El Centro de Oro in Northeast Philadelphia. This work is called SafeGrowth and it is characterized by citizen engagement, CPTED, community-building, and urban design. At the core of all this SafeGrowth work is the premise that any successful long-term implementation to cut crime and improve safety must begin with co-planning and co-research by multi-disciplinary teams of residents, police, and other stakeholders.

Rene Berndt will present a  case study of the community engagement process in the design for a local high school that exemplifies how the input from the community shaped the design and created a safer environment and public space that invites community use.


Our panelists will also be answering your questions. If you have any topic-related questions for our guest speakers, please enter them in the relevant section during registration. Alternatively, you can also email questions to us or pose them in the comment box during the live webinar session.

The webinar will be presented in English. 

Please share this invite with anyone who you think might benefit from learning more on this topic.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Who should attend: CPTED professionals, NGO representatives working in the field of crime prevention and community development, safety and crime prevention specialists, public officials, safety and security consultants, police officers, academics, students, researchers, policy makers, urban development experts, criminologists, sociologists, social engineers, decision-makers, architects, urban planners & designers, and others.



ICA Inaugural President/Co-Founder, USA

Gregory Saville is a criminologist, urban planner and former police officer. He is co-founder of the International CPTED Association and chairperson of the ICA course accreditation committee.

He currently runs AlterNation LLC, an international consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. He is co-author of SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety and Livability and also You In Blue: A Guide for the New Cop.



ICA Director, USA

Rene Berndt, Associate Principal at Mahlum, has 25 years of architectural experience and extensive knowledge of learning environments tailored to the specific social-emotional needs of various school age groups. Rene has presented and discussed his research at conferences and workshops, both locally and internationally. His work has been featured in numerous design publications, including Architectural Record, and has been recognized with diverse regional, national and international design awards. Rene most recently led the design of the award-winning Roosevelt Middle School in the Eugene School District in Oregon.




ICA Regional Director, USA

Randy Atlas PhD FAIA CPP, is the US regional Director for the ICA. Atlas is a registered architect, and has a doctorate in Criminology. Randy teaches an ICA certified on line E learning CPTED Practitioner course, and has published the leading CPTED text book called, “21st Century Security and CPTED, 2nd ed. 2013”.



ICA Director, USA

Jeremy Rear is a Project Manager and Associate at Mahlum with 23 years of experience, maintaining a commitment to the development of innovative educational facilities. Offering a record of successful projects, he raises awareness of Defensible Space theory and continues design research through CPTED principles in his work. A registered architect in Oregon, Jeremy is a member of the International CPTED Association. Jeremy most recently completed the award-winning Taphòytha’ Hall at Umpqua Community College.


ICA Mission Statement

To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies