The ICA Course Accreditation Program (CAP)

The International CPTED Association (ICA) has established a CPTED Course Accreditation Program (CAP), administered in a similar fashion to the long existing ICA CPTED practitioner certification program (ICCP). The Course Accreditation Program is developed and administered by the ICA, the first and only global professional organization representing CPTED practitioners and experts around the world. As such, CAP is built on the same core competencies within the ICCP. 

Background History

In October, 2015, the board of the ICA voted to investigate a CPTED Course Accreditation Program in which CPTED instructors or course developers may apply to the ICA for accreditation as an “approved ICA CPTED course”. The CAP is distinct from the well-established ICA CPTED Certification Program in which individual applicants apply to become a certified ICA CPTED Practitioner (ICCP).

CAP Review Board

Over the period of a year, an ICA Research Committee reviewed CPTED courses and practices in different parts of the world and assessed topics such as core competencies, depth of coverage, demonstration of competence, and methods of evaluation and administration. Committee members have extensive experience as CPTED instructors, professional educators, academics, and curricula developers. This resulted in the creation of the CAP program and the ICA board approved the program at the 2017 Annual Conference in Calgary. Members of that initial research committee now comprise the ICA CAP Review Board that will administer the program. The CAP Review Board is responsible for approving all submissions to the program and is comprised of experienced CPTED instructors within the ICA.

The ICA Course Accreditation Program - CAP (Class A or Class B)

The program provides for two classes of course accreditation:

  • 1.     Class A in which an entire course can be accredited. This version is a full-course accreditation in which 8 designated core competencies are satisfied within ICCP; and
  • 2.     Class B in which a course is approved to teach a single (or up to 7) core competencies from within the ICCP. The single core competency can be taught within a larger course, or it can comprise an individual course unto itself.


    ICA Mission Statement

    To create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies