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Restrooms in Public Parks

  • 05 May 2022 09:11
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    The City of Hanford, CA is experiencing ongoing issues with vandalism, vagrancy and criminal activity within the public restrooms at three of our smaller parks.  Despite our efforts to quickly repair these damages, it is an unending process.  We are contemplating the removal of these restrooms, which could place a burden on other park patrons.  These are my questions:

    1. Has any other municipality removed park restrooms and what was the community's reaction?

    2.  Is there a certain size park or park amenities that dictates the need for restrooms?

  • 06 May 2022 07:46
    Reply # 12769923 on 12768575

    Brad, yes Saskatoon SK Canada experiencing same issues as are many other Canadian municipalities.

    We closed one washroom in a downtown park but it was in a basement and very unsafe.  We did not experience any backlash as we built another not to far away.

    Right now we are also getting pushback on new washrooms...also in a downtown park. We don't typically put washrooms in our neighbourhood or suburban parks.  Some user groups (ball, soccer) may put in seasonal washrooms but it is at their cost.

    Whether or not there is a washroom in a park has more to do with the density of activity in a park rather than its size.

    We are also looking at a special group, Peer Navigators, that will connect with ppl using the washrooms to shoot up or to stay warm/cool and connect them to service's.  It is more of a relational program than enforcement. Should be an interesting ride.

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